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21st June 2010 in NBA Betting

The Los Angeles Lakers have won their second straight NBA title and are on cloud nine right now after beating their archrivals in the Boston Celtics in one of the most thrilling NBA Finals series in recent memory. Even though most of the Lakers are only thinking about where they will be going on vacation right now, the front office is already at work to keep this championship team intact and look into possible additions in order to repeat as NBA champs next season.

There has been a lot of talk throughout the season about a possible trade which would send Andrew Bynum and others to the Toronto Raptors in exchange All-Star forward Chris Bosh. Even though this would almost certainly make the defending champs a much better team, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak has not pulled the trigger on this trade.

Despite not making this move, there is still a possibility that it could get done this summer through a sign-and-trade. In the meantime, the one offseason acquisition that could get made by the Lakers is signing two-time scoring champion Tracy McGrady.

Recently, McGrady came out and said that he wants to sign with a winner this summer and there would be no better team to sign with than the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are a favorite of fans of NBA betting – as they smashed spreads on their way to the title this year.

The only problem with this move is that McGrady would have to come off the bench and would be battling with Shannon Brown for playing time.

Obviously, when Tracy McGrady is healthy, he is a force to be reckoned with on the offensive end of the floor, but whether or not he actually could fit in with Kobe Bryant and company remains to be seen.

The signing of McGrady could be a step in the right direction for the Lakers, but it is uncertain how interested the defending champs would be in signing this injury prone superstar.

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19 Responses to “Tracy McGrady wants to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers”

  1. jd says:

    if the lakers can afford tmac and as long as hes willing to come of the bench then i think the lakers should sign him because the only weak part of the lakers was their bench but with tmac along with odom, i think would realy improve the bench.

  2. teddy says:

    yes i agree t mac to the lakers make a lot of sence. he could come off the bench and if kobe gets in foul trouble he could play that 2 and if ron artest getds in foul he can play the 3 or 4 if pau gasol gets in foul. and cant you see kobe tmack pau gasol andrew bynum and lamar odom wow!!!!!! who you gonna guard

  3. Dave says:

    I don’t quite see it. One of my all-time favorites is McGrady, particularly when I remember that 1-man comeback against San Antonio a few years back.

    But if the Lakers go for anything, it should be a 3-point specialist who can defend.

    Maybe even Ray Allen. If Ray’s too old, maybe a draftee.

  4. Chris says:

    Yes i totally agree with both of you guys. not only this sounds oh so true. but think of what the franchise is gonna go through, meaning there can be a possible 5-6 peat with them. OMG!!! I love L.A. i live in L.A. and were going to be unstoppable. They better sign McGrady this off-season. I hope Chris Bosh goes to L.A. also but ill be fine with McGrady. Amare Stoudamire also wishes to go to the Lakers cause he knows what this franchise is all about and what they can get. Which is winning there first championship. Kobe is gonna go down as the Greatest Player of All Time when everything is said and done!

  5. Rederrel says:

    I thank the Lakers should past with no response. They would be making a hugh set back for themselves if they where to sign Tracy Mcgrady.

    The reason being is that Tracy Mcgrady has never had the heart of a champion and nither has he experienced ever in his basketball career an championship in high school and less to speak of his professional career in the N.B.A.

    In short, Tracy Magrady is not and never has been the type of gutsy player to do what ever it takes to win. It would be in the Lakers best intrest to not take to pick up a player that does not have the true heart and gut feel of a real ball player.

    Sorry some ball players are winners; there are some players who can take a elbow hit across the eye and receive stiches and continue to ball the same day. Sorry, i just dont think Tracy Mcgrady could take a hit in the face take a broken nose and continue to ball the same day.

    Now you thank about it and give me your answer.

    I feel confident that someone in the Lakers organization that is thinking the same.

    I feel that is wisdom and smarts of the Lakers ( Real ballers/ Real champions…


  6. Ron Artest says:

    @rederral: first off, i’d like to thank everyone from my hood. second, everyone said the same thing about me last year. they said i would ruin the team chemistry. they said i was a loser. they said i would never become a champion, even though i made a rap song before i came to LA. but thanks to my psychiatrist, i am now a champion. give TMAC the same opportunity that u gave me

  7. MPunch says:

    We don’t want him.

  8. James LaBelle says:

    That is a no brainer. Who does not want to be part of a NBA team like the Lakers. The only question is how long can he a bench warmer before he wants to leave. Is a ring enough for a NBA star to remain a back up player.

  9. Garmonbozia says:

    Well, I believe that teams over the salary cap can sign a player for league minimum, which makes McGrady signing with LA to be a true possibility, as he is worth nothing more than a minimum contract.

    Although, I would be surprised if the Lakers wanted to sign him, since they prefer to get out of the first round of the playoffs, which is something that McGrady is incapable of.

  10. jerry thomas says:

    Um true laker fan an tmac is the missing piece to us its not his fought he has not won it takes a team to win every1 knows dat…….duh!

  11. l.a iz in the building says:

    Tmac iz my fav player…. i want to c him start, but with hiz age and injuries hes got a couple seasons.. left he needs a title… i would be willing to watch him play off the bench with the lakerz… SIGHN HIM!!!!!!!

  12. Flash says:

    TMac is going to the Heat for vet min, it’s over.

  13. joel says:

    i think getting tmac would be agreat move for la but kobe being the greatesplayer of altime when it is al said and done comeon be real would ya

  14. joel says:

    tmac to la would most certanatly help them 3peat goodbey heat here come the lakers

  15. jack says; says:

    yes, why kobe needs more help because lamer playes good when he want to so tmac will fill his spot.

  16. Ftroop says:

    We dont need another player taking 30 shots a game, defense wins the game not offense. As long as everyone can contribute in defense, offense will come easy. T-Mac ….. I really dont know, him and Kobe taking 60 shots a game means doom day for Lakers.

  17. josh87 says:

    look Tmac is a true good player..he would be good of the bench to help out lamar n brow n of course steve blacke n matt barnes..thats a very strong 2nd unit.
    besides tmac had agreed to take a min pay contract.
    @jerry thomas ur right it takes a team 2 win a championship not a single i would say sign Tmac.

  18. Rolando says:

    T-mac youre the man go for lakers 3peat!!!!The best team among the rest team to beat!!!!!!!ya ma men,,,,,,,,,,,,

  19. #1 Beardy says:

    Good by championship for Miami, if T Mac signs with Lakers! This is what T Mac needs, a year to come off the Lakers bench, to prove to the sportswriters that he has recovered physicaly. If he signs[even for the min] and proves that he still has game, he could win his first championship, then sign the big contract the next season. T Mac and the Lakers are the only chance to keep Miami from buying rings.

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